Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

A lot gets printed in the press about the stupidity of health and safety regulation. In reality, it is nearly always the stupidity of a person or organisation who has not applied or interpreted health and safety regulations appropriately that lies behind the story. Being aware of the dangers that a building site can create, and actively taking measures to prevent accidents to both the public and our workforce is not only the responsible thing to do, it is a legal requirement.

According to the Health & Safety Executive’s website, “Most fatal injuries in the construction industry now occur on smaller building projects involving refurbishment of existing homes and workplaces. Over 60% of those deaths involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges and falls through fragile roofs or rooflights.
Other fatal injuries on such projects arise from the collapse of excavations, lifting operations, electricity and mobile plant.”

We are very proud of our commitment to health and safety and are a CHAS accredited contractor. CHAS is an acronym for Contractor’s Health And Safety Scheme, which is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

The key principles in our approach to health and safety are to:
1. Manage hazards and risk.
2. Inform and train our workforce.
3. Co-operate with the client or home occupier in order to meet our responsibilities for site safety

If you are looking at our website to try and decide whether to use us for your building project, our health and safety policy may not have been at the top of your list of priorities. However, a company that takes their H&S responsibilities seriously is a company that is responsible, professional and works within the parameters of the law, and these considerations surely are at the top of your list of priorities.